Need help dealing with

stress, crisis and change?

Are you firefighting right now?

The world is currently coping with unprecedented change.  This means unprecedented levels of not knowing. As humans our brains are hard-wired for certainty; we are not naturally good at ambiguity or feeling as if we cannot plan or control outcomes.

We’re also not very good at noticing we’re stressed until we’re burnt out

As a coach I’ve been helping leaders and teams strengthen trust and build commitment and I have two decades of experience helping people deal with stress, crisis and change.

When stress and uncertainty go up, trust and communication go down and we:

  • Struggle to focus and make poor decisions (work ones and health ones)
  • Have trouble sleeping and/or feel tired all the time
  • Can get angry and critical (fight) or withdrawn and fearful (flight)
  • Develop a scarcity-based mindset that leads to blame and competition
  • Choose numbing activities; scrolling, binge-watching, over-eating or drinking, endless checking of spreadsheets and forecasts

Sound like you?  Your team?  Your boss?

Contact me here for a conversation on how together, we can change that.









Moyra has worked with our organization to help us navigate a number of important change initiatives… consistently demonstrating an ability to help us see the gap between where we are and where we need to go… truly defining what it means to be a trusted advisor.

James Oates

Head of UBS Group Internal Audit,Group Managing Director, UBS