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The benefits of journaling

Journaling is a key reflective practice for anyone, but specifically for leaders.

There is a huge body of evidence that shows that our external circumstances – money, education, looks, age, job, family, property – can only predict roughly 10% of our happiness. Success doesn’t equal happiness. Happiness comes from a range of practices, many of them developed though the act of journal writing.

Writing a journal:

  • boosts our ability to cope with change and adversity
  • gives us a healthy outlet for ALL our emotions so that we don’t take them out on our nearest and dearest
  • helps our brains regulate our emotions (sciency language for “helps us to stop feeling angry / resentful / envious or guilty for longer than we really need to”)
  • builds our self-awareness and emotional intelligence (which has been shown to be more important than IQ in succeeding at work and flourishing at home)
  • strengthens our identity, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • improves our relationships


Who wouldn’t want all of this?

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These are some of the things that journalers have used coaching for:

  • Working out what your personal values are and setting life goals that align with these values
  • Discovering how to draw boundaries with loved ones and work colleagues
  • Learning how to say “no” without upsetting people or becoming aggressive or defensive
  • Working out how to juggle home and family life so that there is some “me time”
  • Exploring different emotions and learning to recognise, accept and express them
  • Working out how to regain confidence after lockdown
  • Making sense of procrastination, perfectionism and people pleasing

How your investment pays off

Coaching is powerful as it always works if you take the actions you commit to in our sessions.

Working with me as your coach is a sign that you are committed to stepping out of your comfort zone and getting serious about change.

Investing time and money in you will reap enormous rewards; my clients report that as soon as they commit to the program they feel different – calmer, less overwhelmed, stronger. Regular coaching sessions always bring clarity, energy and a feeling of being both competent and resourceful. Those around you notice and appreciate it!

Moyra has helped me to build out a number of management teams across three different operating models, incorporating both established and new team members, in a rapidly developing organisational model. 

Through these changes, they have consistently helped me to establish successful leadership teams, often comprised of members from previously competing organisations, under a common framework of open and honest communication & feedback. 

In all instances, the time spent on developing my management teams has been a success and has consistently led to lasting partnerships that are more resilient to change and are more capable of re-forming as the operating model continues to develop.  

Moyra supported me personally with a long term executive coaching relationship that challenged me to think more strategically and creatively.

David Taylor

Managing Director, Deutsche Bank, London