Creating change resilient teams

“Over the past four years, Moyra has helped me to build out a number of management teams across three different operating models, incorporating both established and new team members, in a rapidly developing organisational model. Through these changes they have consistently helped me to establish successful leadership teams, often comprised of members from previously competing organisations, under a common framework of open and honest communication & feedback.  In all instances the time spent on developing my management teams has been a success and has consistently led to lasting partnerships that are more resilient to change and are more capable of re-forming as the operating model continues to develop.  Moyra supported me personally with a long term executive coaching relationship that challenged me to think more strategically and creatively. “

David Taylor

Managing Director, Deutsche Bank, London

Leadership Experts and Trusted Advisors

“For over 8 years, Moyra has worked with our organization to help us navigate a number of important change initiatives. Whether Moyra was providing bespoke training to our staff, leading our management workshops or coaching me and our senior executives, she has consistently demonstrated an ability to help us see the gap between where we are and where we need to go. Her energy, creativity and insight into what makes people tick has been invaluable to pushing us forward. Last but not least, her constructive challenge and the integrity she displays in all of her interactions truly define what it means to be a trusted advisor. “

James Oates

Head of UBS Group Internal Audit and Group Managing Director

Leadership and Team Development

“Starting in 2009, I became a corporate client of Moyra Mackie. We worked together in the fields of Leadership and Team Development, as well as Executive Coaching. As Moyra’s business philosophy is built on delivering solutions that fit clients’ needs, she also provided us with conceptual work such as training outlines, change frameworks and holistic programme design. Besides Moyra’s highly professional business practices, her deep knowledge skills and inter-cultural sensitivity, I appreciated her enthusiastic, positive and forward-thinking personality. She underscored her professionalism in being an excellent listener, a reliable business partner and a well prepared expert who understands her clients and is able to adapt to situations and requirements immediately.  I personally, would recommend Moyra Mackie to anyone who seeks a well-experienced, state-of-the-art coach and development expert.”

Lisa Kurkowski

HR Director, Deutsche Bank

Outstanding professional with a fun approach

“An outstanding professional who is meticulous in her research and planning in preparation for events with clients. Moyra, takes great care in fostering a strong business relationship and constantly delivers on both her commitments and expected results. Her fun approach has grown her client base that like myself have used her services for several years.”

Paul Brooks

Managing Director, Deutsche Bank, London

An Executive Coach with a fresh perspective and thought leadership

“As an Executive Coach, Moyra is par excellence. She is a great communicator and has empathy for people and situations and provides a fresh perspective and thought leadership.”

Raghu Muthukhrisnan

COO, Crayondata, Singapore

Reducing complexity

“I’d like to recommend the services of Moyra Mackie to large Multinational Corporations globally. I have had the pleasure of working with Moyra for the last 4 years. She has conducted Executive Management workshops across the world with a very diverse range of cultures and management styles.

I have recently used Moyra Mackie to host a risk management and outsourcing workshop in Singapore. This was a very complex exercise as there are 17 Countries and over 40 regulators in the region. Moyra and team made the process simple and business friendly for Project Managers and Business Heads to understand outsourcing, management of outsourced processes and vendors and ongoing risk assessment in a globally matrixed multinational environment.

In an era of increasing intensity of scrutiny by regulators on financial institutions I found Moyra’s workshop to be invaluable in creating awareness and help the organization to be better prepared.”

Raghu Muthukrishnan

Director, Infrastructure Enterprise Services, Deutsche Bank, Singapore