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In the summer and autumn of 2018 I held a series of Leadership Breakfasts in London. These interactive sessions gave me the chance to see what managers in my network felt about millennials in their organisations. These managers came from a wide variety of sectors – from financial services to sustainability consulting.

I asked the group for questions they had about how to recruit, motivate and manage millennials. This episode answers those questions in a discussion with Paul Jenkins, a recruitment expert. Paul also shares his experience about being able to attract the right kind of people into the workplace in the first place!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Who millennials are
  • The gap between what millennials think and what managers know about this generation
  • Why it’s essential to understand how to manage millennials
  • How are millennials differ from previous generations and what really motivates them
  • The number 1 thing millennials want (and it’s not money)
  • How to attract millennials in your recruitment process