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The Feedback Series

Developing a habit of feedback in your team and your organisation is the foundation on which to build trust, increase motivation and raise the quality of work. But feedback is much misunderstood and often avoided. Here’s how and why to give feedback.

1. What is feedback? Three tips on how to give feedback.

Ken Blanchard describes feedback as the breakfast of champions. Find out why in this video and learn what feedback is, and what it isn’t..

2. Why we need feedback and where to start

Why is feedback so important? What happens in organisations where feedback is not given or received? Find out how to get started in this short video.

3. How to receive feedback without defending or denying

In my previous videos, you will have learnt what feedback is and how to give it. Now, find out how you can be gracious when you’re given feedback.

4. How to ask for meaningful feedback

You’ve learnt how to give feedback, and now you’d like some of your own from the people around you. Find out how to ask for the right kind of feedback here.

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