It’s not rocket science this leadership stuff. Admittedly there’s a bit of science that comes in handy.

Like the science of how to motivate people

And it’s not what you think. Whilst money matters, we’ve got seventy so years of research showing that bonuses contribute to the quality of work going down and risk taking going up. Sound at all familiar?

So away from the science, what can you do that is guaranteed to improve your effectiveness as a leader of people?

And I do mean people. Not resources, or human capital.

In order for people to be resourceful they need these three things from their boss:

Great bosses make these three things a habit

They don’t skip their one-to-ones, they don’t only focus on task delivery in team meetings and they don’t micro-manage and dish out the blame.

They’re good delegators, good listeners and can balance support and challenge.

Notice I just said “good”?  You don’t have to be great at any of these things, because if you do all of them even averagely well on a consistent basis you could qualify for great boss status.

Sound like you? Or your boss?


Download my Motivation Matrix and become a better leader by learning how to motivate the people around you.

I would highly recommend journal writing. I joined one of Moyra’s journal safari sessions a couple of weeks ago and have been keeping a daily journal ever since. The main benefits for me is it’s helped me to keep perspective in these times, not to be too hard on myself and be thankful for the things I have achieved.

Justin Ellis

Innovation & Strategy, British retail bank