Are you and your team

stressed and fighting fires?

I specialise in helping teams pull together rather than fall apart in times of crisis and change

  • Does your team truly trust each other?
  • How good are you all at making decisions?
  • Can you surface simmering conflict and differences and handle the conversation with kindness and grace?
  • Are you able to tell the difference between feedback, praise and criticism and choose the former over the latter?
  • Do you know what your group purpose is and how well do you inter-relate with other teams and stakeholders?

It doesn’t matter how good – or “high-performing” individuals are, teamwork is how things get done (or not).  There is overwhelming research to show that the better the relationships between team members and between teams, the more effective and resilient the organisation is.

All teams are currently under even more stress than normal

Stress leads to politics, silos and turf wars

Stress is expensive; the organisation pays the price when it comes to lack of efficiency, lack of creativity and lack of engagement.  Mistakes will happen.  People pay the price with their health and their relationships.  People – often your best people – will leave or go off sick.

The answer is simple (and relatively cheap)

I’ve worked with dozens of teams across industries and geographies and I know what works.  Neuroscience will back it up; you have to reduce the stress hormones in your body and you have to get out of survival mode – the fight, flight or freeze response.

Invest the time to step back and reconnect with each other.  Re-learn to trust each other, to listen to each other, to value each other.  This gives you the energy, resourcefulness and resilience to face the challenges posed by the wider organisation and operating environment.

This is what works: team coaching 

A year-long process that involves working with the whole team as a team.  We break down the barriers between a coaching room and your meeting room.  Instead of one-off away days where most commitments get forgotten or pushed to the bottom of the list, I stay with you to make sure that change sticks.

Read more here about how stress affects leaders and organisations and contact me here to discuss how to help your team.


Calculate the cost of choosing NOT to act

And if you are telling yourself – you don’t have time for such a team coaching investment or that you can’t afford it, I would ask you to consider how expensive NOT doing this is.  Like the cost of staff turnover – the replacement cost for just ONE senior manager from your team would be more expensive than this year-long team process for EVERYONE!

This is what you get from this team coaching process

  • Trust – the glue that bonds teams together
  • Creativity – new solutions to old, entrenched problems
  • Decision-making – confident, consistent and timely
  • Accountability – people own their decisions and follow through
  • Resilience – ability to deal with challenging environments
  • Sustainable leadership – you get the best out of your best people

Does this sound like something you’d like for your team? Contact me to start the conversation. Life is too short to have bad days out of the office.









Everyone agreed it was the best company day that they had ever attended; they built valuable relationships with people they don’t regularly speak with and now have a greater awareness of what everyone else does. Being listened to and having the opportunity to input gave them motivation and a real sense of being part of the business.

As a business owner I know people are everything. Investing a relatively small amount of time and money to engage and motivate our people is money well spent.

Nick Richards

CEO, MeLearning