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[6] From paycheck to purpose

In the 80s and 90s financial services and the City of London found it easy to hire and retain the brightest and best graduates. This is changing because millennials are looking for companies who have a purpose beyond profit and stakeholder returns. This episode shows you how to identify what your purpose is and how to align that with the purpose of your staff and your organisation.

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[4] The greatest gift you can give a millennial

In this episode, I’m going to focus on the biggest gift you can give millennials whether you are a manager or parent. Two large scale studies in 2018 by Deloitte and Gallup both highlighted the need to build resilience to counter evidence of increased anxiety and perfectionism. Resilience is a key skill underpinning high individual and team performance and is something that can be developed by caring parents and managers.

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[3] How to motivate millennials

Do you know what really motivates the millennials who work for you?
Are you struggling to understand why the quality of the work you get doesn’t match what you think the person’s potential is?
If your company is struggling to improve engagement scores, this is a sign of an inability to see beyond the external motivating factors of money and status. If you cannot seem to bring the best out of your team or that they lack energy or sustained focus, this episode will explain the four key internal drivers that motivate each of us along with tips to inspire and engage millennials (and it works with teens too!).

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[2] How to give fearless feedback

Millennials say that the number 1 thing that would persuade them to stay in the job they’re in is high quality feedback. Yet most of them are not getting any kind of feedback AT ALL – no wonder they are the least engaged segment of the workforce!

So in this episode I’m not going to be mincing my words – I’m going to show you how to give fearless feedback without favour or fluff. This is a deeply practical episode with a structure for giving feedback that you can implement TODAY.

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[1] What do millennials really want?

In the summer and autumn of 2018 I held a series of Leadership Breakfasts in London. These interactive sessions gave me the chance to see what managers in my network felt about millennials in their organisations. These managers came from a wide variety of sectors – from financial services to sustainability consulting.

I asked the group for questions they had about how to recruit, motivate and manage millennials. This episode answers those questions in a discussion with…

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