Moyra Mackie



New FREE Webinar

Friday 6 March 10:00 to 11:00

Are you struggling to find a new role but you’re not convinced that the Job Search Sprint will help you?

Would you like to find out more AND get a free set of actionable steps to up your CV and LinkedIn game?


This 60-minute FREE webinar hosted by Moyra Mackie will cover:

  • Why a CV is not about selling yourself 
  • The two biggest job hunting mistakes you can make that will keep you unemployed
  • What recruiters and hiring managers are really looking for
  • Why you should never write Immediately Available in your job headline and what to write instead


  • Adopting a Winner’s Mindset: The three biggest emotional traps you can fall into when out of work and how to avoid them

You will leave this webinar:

  • Knowing what criteria recruiters and employers use to select candidates
  • The key do’s and don’ts for your CV and LinkedIn profiles
  • What to include in your LinkedIn headline and how to increase your chance of coming up in searches


I first met Moyra some 8 years ago and she continues to delight, energise and inspire me whenever we meet. She is a master in engaging her audience and brings simplicity to the complex. With the launch of her new podcast, I’m excited for the new audience she will be able to reach, and the benefits they will draw from that contact.

I would encourage you to get her along as a speaker to any event you may be holding where you wish to connect with your audience in the most effective and immediate way: she will deliver you the best foundation on which to stand.

Kate Bohn

Group Transformation, British Retail and Commercial Bank