What difference

do you want to make?


You are successful and busy, even if you feel that the balance between these two elements is not ideal. You are under increasing pressure to perform, as all around you people are expected to do more with fewer resources, in less and less time.

Change is a constant, and leading successfully and sustainably is harder than it has ever been. You may be well aware that these demands take a toll on your focus, your energy, your relationships and your results.

You believe that part of being a leader is about learning, growing and bringing people with you. You have successfully navigated a fair bit of change and transition in your career and you sense that what got you here, may not get you where you aspire to be – either in your own career or with the team you are leading.

How we’ll work together

As a coach I can help you get clear on what it is you want to achieve and identify how to carve out the time and attention to follow through. I may give advice and share what I have learnt from my studies and research and from my work with other leaders, but the most powerful things you will learn will come from inside you.

Through a combination of challenge and support, backbone and heart, I will help you to unlock insights and options that will make a difference to how you show up as a leader, how you relate to others and how you achieve the goals you desire.

Get in touch now to discover how we might work together. Leaders who love the work they do, inspire those that follow to love it too.

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Some questions I can help you figure out

  • How can I lead my team more effectively?
  • I really want that promotion, how do I go about it getting it?
  • How can I become more influential, visible and credible?
  • I think I’ve got a toxic boss, what can I do?
  • What can I do about stress and lack of work/life balance?
  • I thought I could really make a difference, but now I’m struggling. What power do I really have?

How your investment pays off

Coaching is powerful as it always works if you take the actions you commit to in our sessions.

Working with me as your coach is a sign that you are committed to stepping out of your comfort zone and getting serious about change.

Investing time and money in you will reap enormous rewards; my clients report that as soon as they commit to the program they feel different – calmer, less overwhelmed, stronger. Regular coaching sessions always bring clarity, energy and a feeling of being both competent and resourceful. Those around you notice and appreciate it!

Moyra has helped me to build out a number of management teams across three different operating models, incorporating both established and new team members, in a rapidly developing organisational model. 

Through these changes, they have consistently helped me to establish successful leadership teams, often comprised of members from previously competing organisations, under a common framework of open and honest communication & feedback. 

In all instances, the time spent on developing my management teams has been a success and has consistently led to lasting partnerships that are more resilient to change and are more capable of re-forming as the operating model continues to develop.  

Moyra supported me personally with a long term executive coaching relationship that challenged me to think more strategically and creatively.

David Taylor

Managing Director, Deutsche Bank, London