Journal Safari Gifts

Do you need more time for you?

You’re juggling work and home commitments and feel as if you never get through your daily to-do list.  With all that’s going on in the world you feel stressed, overwhelmed and pulled in a million different directions.

The bad news is that we are never going to have more than the 24 hours we already have in a day. 

The good news is that there is something really small and simple that you can do that science shows has both an immediate and a long-term impact on your stress levels, on your emotional well-being and on your mental clarity.

But…you’re going to have to slow down in order to go better (not faster).

You’re going to need to put your own oxygen mask on first if you want to be able to keep helping others. 

Journal writing is proven to help us feel and think better.

Research shows that keeping a daily journal helps let go of negative emotions, cuts down on over-thinking and procrastination and will leave you feeling calmer, clearer and less stressed.

But getting started is hard.

Maybe you’re like me – or many of the clients I have – who have a pile of different journals and notebooks gathering dust on a shelf somewhere?

Most efforts to start journaling fail because:

As a qualified, accredited coach I’m in the business of helping people make habit changes and have heard all of the above fears so, so many times.

Which is why I have designed and written a journal that recognises these fears and guides you through the process until you have that habit of “you time” well-established.

We know from research that our brains are hardwired for both negativity and the familiar and that means that each time we want to adopt a new habit, we have to overcome our neurobiology which rather likes things the way they are now. Even if the way things are now is not healthy or happy, it is familiar.

To nurture a new habit you need to:

The Journal Safari packages provide all four of these critical ingredients to nurture a successful habit. 

Journal Safari is the perfect gift that offers the proven powerful physical, mental and emotional benefits of journal writing.  

A journal is the ultimate self-care gift, from the obvious benefits like a boost in mindfulness, memory and communication skills through to better sleep, stronger immune system, more self-confidence and higher IQ.

Just because journal writing is simple, doesn’t make it easy

Having a guide and a group of fellow journal writers to support you and keep you accountable will guarantee that this new habit, which is going to bring you clarity and ease, really takes hold.  

This is what current Journal Safari owners have to say:

“The best thing I have ever done.”

Martin Reinecke, Journal Safari user

“I would highly recommend journal writing. I joined one of Moyra’s journal safari sessions a couple of weeks ago and have been keeping a daily journal ever since. The main benefits for me is it’s helped me to keep perspective in these times, not to be too hard on myself and be thankful for the things I have achieved.“
Justin Ellis
Innovation & Strategy, Lloyds Bank
“I am LOVING your Journal Safari and am recommending it to all my colleagues. Moyra - you could have simply numbered pages 1 - 30 and that would have been a 30 day journal. The intelligent provocations, reflections and activities you have tested and included are SO valuable. And, when I do mostly manage to do some pages early each day I have a very welcome sense of achievement. I am a BIG fan.”
Abigail Hunt
Deloitte Ventures

Your gift options:

Just the Journal
£19.50 + P&P

The Journal + 182 day complete journal journey
182 days £195

The Journal + 365 day complete journal journey
365 days £289

Just the journal £19.50 + P&P

The perfect pick you up if you know that you are good at ring-fencing a bit of time for you or you already have an established journal habit and want to push yourself to the next level of reflection, awareness and emotional agility.

What you get:

The complete journal journey | 182 days £195

This is ideal if you want to make sure that this journal never gathers dust on the shelf. You know you love being part of a community and you recognise you do better when there are supportive people around to help you make journaling part of your life.

You know that all you need is a set period of interaction and then you will be off and running. Each live class is a treat for you; time to stop, think, reflect and commit to small things that will make a big difference. This opportunity gives you a six month period to really make journaling become a habit. 

What you get:

The complete journal journey | 365 days £289 

Give yourself the ultimate gift of connection, reflection and transformation.  You know that journaling can add so much to your mental and emotional wellbeing.  You know it makes you a better person at home and work and you value the opportunity to be part of a curious, compassionate, courageous and creative community.

What you get:

“It's not just another journal of empty pages with no real meaning. This one has plenty of prompts to get you started and keep you going. It actively makes you reflect on your thoughts and emotions. It's a little bit like someone is holding your hand telling you "it will be alright". Nothing worse than the fear of blank pages!!”
Sonja Wood
“It has guided and supportive activities which help you to explore your thoughts and emotions and to start making sense of them. The extra videos that are available help to model how to use the journal to best effect and are reassuring to help you keep going even when you have a mental block.”
Helen Rachel
Occupational Therapist
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Want to see inside the journal?

Click to watch and discover: 

  • how this journal differs from others you might have tried 
  • why being an executive coach has helped to develop the specific journal prompts 
  • what the structure of each day does to help build a journal habit that sticks
  • how the reflection prompts strengthen your self-awareness, resilience and self-confidence


This journal was written to create a space where you can step away from your busyness and your to-do lists.  A space where you might arrive with a whole lot of heaviness and mental clutter and leave freer, lighter, clearer.  You might want to see this journal as the Marie Kondo method for your mind and heart.


Questions you might have about Journal Safari

The Journal Safari is £19.50 plus postage & packing.

You do need to pay for postage and packing.  To ensure that the Journal Safari reaches you in immaculate condition, the postage charges are £3.70 for UK, £5.50 for Europe and £13.35 for the rest of the world. 

If you check the “What’s Included” section on this page, you will find out exactly what you’re getting when you order the Journal Safari. 

If you would like extra support you have two options:  

– the 30 Day Intensive Guided Safari – which includes a journal class three times a week to get you started and hold your hand through the process.  The Guided Safari includes extra, different exercises not included within the Journal Safari.

– the year long membership – which has a private community, weekly journal classes, monthly masterclasses from other experts and on-demand audio recordings of journal prompts

Yes, I can. You can either join a 30 Day Guided Safari or the membership (see the question above).

Journaling is the perfect support tool for 1-2-1 coaching, which is another area you may wish to explore. 

Please be advised before you buy that we are unable to offer refunds.