Are you looking
for a new role and finding it much tougher than you expected?

You’re good at what you do and used to being in control so you didn’t expect to struggle like this.

Looking for a new job is unknown territory and it’s easy to feel lost.

It’s probably been years since you had to actively search for a role and you have no idea what a really good CV looks like or what works on LinkedIn. 

You have no idea where the good roles are advertised and don’t know how to contact head-hunters and specialist recruiters.

Job hunting is psychologically demanding.  Even the most confident of people start to question if they’re good enough, connected enough or young enough.

And you’re desperate for decent advice and actionable feedback.

How would you feel if you could take the pain out of this process?

Would you like to discover how to create a CV that gets you interviews and a LinkedIn profile that attracts a network that generates the right opportunities?

What if you could have trusted support to hold you accountable, give you quality feedback and motivate you when you get stuck?

We have the perfect solution for you. 

Job Search Sprint is an online group coaching program that takes the pain, uncertainty and loneliness out of your job hunt.

It guides you step-by-step towards a CV, a LinkedIn profile and a search strategy that will dramatically improve your chances of standing out and getting interviews and job opportunities.

Even more importantly, the Sprint will give you a renewed sense of purpose and direction, clarity in what you have to offer and the confidence to back yourself.

The next Job Search Sprint starts in September and will run for three weeks. 

Places are limited to eight people. 

Who are we and how can we help?

Who is 
Paul Jenkins?

Paul has worked in the recruitment industry for 30 years; he knows the hiring process from end to end (inside out and back to front). Paul understands the employer’s mindset and the total mismatch between what employers are looking for and how people present themselves and how they approach their search for work. 

Who is 
Moyra Mackie?

Moyra works on both sides of the recruitment table. She helps 1-2-1 clients secure internal promotions and external job offers. Having helped design assessment centres and coached managers and HR in designing better interviewing processes, she’s helped filter hundreds of CVs and taken part in more interview panels than she cares to remember.

3 Mistakes people make...



The good news for people who don’t like selling themselves is that there’s no need to be pushy, braggy or sell-y.

An effective CV is one that focuses on how you can help a future employer.

When employers read your CV they have one question in mind: “What’s in it for me?” 

Your CV needs to make the answer crystal clear.


else to write
your CV

Professional written CVs look polished, but unless you’ve paid thousands, they will by definition be generic.

A CV that gets interviews needs substance, not just style.

Your CV will never stand out if you use the same clichés and templates as everyone else.



LinkedIn is NOT a place to copy / paste your CV and expect offers to roll in. 

LinkedIn should be where you nurture a network that can help you find opportunities. 

It’s a place where hirers hang out and source candidates and where you can do valuable research.

Job Search Sprint takes the pain, uncertainty and loneliness out of your job hunt

The program includes:

  • Three one-hour live group (maximum 8 members) coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Two x 30 minute 1-2-1 coaching sessions, recorded for you to watch back and take action
  • Daily video and email challenges to break down your search into manageable and motivating steps
  • Practical exercises to research and build your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • A private LinkedIn group for daily support and accountability
  • A 6000 word Job Search Guide and work book

We know what you’re thinking...

I don’t think I can afford it right now...

It’s understandable that you’re conscious of cost when you’re not sure when you will find a new role.

However, ask yourself; are you happy and confident that continuing with what you’re currently doing will lead to a new role?

And remember, it will take you just a couple of days in your new job to recover the cost of this program.

By paying for advice, you’re making yourself accountable and more likely to do the work that’s necessary to get you unstuck and give you the opportunities you crave.  

The reason I’m not getting any traction is there are no jobs to be had...

It is a tough market out there, agreed. 

Yet our personal experience and the statistics show companies are still hiring across industries and geographies. 

Competition may be stiffer, which is why any job searcher will need to up their game.

Surely I could find this information for free somewhere...

Absolutely, we don’t deny that there’s a wealth of information (not all of it accurate or true) out there if you search and have the time to wade through the results.

It’s not purely the knowledge we’re sharing that’s the value of the Sprint (although we are told we have secrets no one else knows) it’s the putting it into practice. 

What you most definitely won’t get for free is personalised, expert, honest feedback.

But don’t just take our word for it:

Eve Eaton - Director of Engagement and Strategic Engagement, Pernod Ricard, USA

" It helped me get clear on the type of roles that 
I want"


”I wish I’d done this 10-20 years earlier!” was my overwhelming feeling after the Job Search Sprint with Moyra and Paul.

The results were clear from my new CV and LinkedIn profile. But the deeper and longer-lasting impact was from the process of self-reflection and valuing myself and my achievements, in a whole new way.

I would recommend the JSS to people not just looking for a new job but those also looking to change their industry, gain a promotion or get more clarity on who they are. You can’t beat the candid, constructive feedback from your fellow participants and these thorough experts in this field.

Instead of just constantly finessing the wrong CV with a smug sense of self assurance (as I did), I’d urge you to do this sprint sooner rather than later.

HR Expert, Transportation and Logistics Industry, Germany

What results can you expect...

Your CV:

You'll learn how to:


You'll learn:

Your Jobsearch strategy:

You'll learn:



Questions You Might Have

Once you’ve paid, you’ll be sent a link to a ten-question reflection exercise that will ask you about what role you’re looking for and what you’ve tried so far. This is helpful background for us, but it will also prompt some deeper thinking from you and form preparation for the formal start on Day 1.  You’ll also be sent a Coaching Contract, one that lays out our obligations and commitments to you and your commitments to yourself, us and the rest of the group.

This is a group coaching program, so we expect you will learn as much from the other members of the group as you will from us. We would expect you to schedule several hours a day for job seeking, giving input in the group and working on your daily tasks.

Every day you will receive a challenge exercise. These are always highly practical in nature and will require you to do online research and complete part of the Job Search Guide that you’ll receive in chapters throughout the program.

Like anything, the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. 

There are three one hour live coaching sessions during the Job Search Sprint, so you will need to set time aside for those as well.

The sessions are scheduled for:

5.00pm UK time every Thursday during the Job Search Sprint.

They will be on Zoom and will be interactive and practical – we will look at real life examples of CVs and LinkedIn profiles (as well as your own if you’re happy to have group input).

We will discuss job search strategies and tactics and look at how to network on and offline.

We will send you the Zoom invites for the three sessions on Monday afternoon when registration closes, allowing you to add them to our Outlook, iCal or Google calendars. 

If you’re accessing the session on a Mac or PC you will not need to download anything, you just click the link. 

If you’re using a smartphone, you’ll need to download the Zoom app.

The sessions will be recorded and the links made available to you.  Because of the confidential nature of the group, we’ll ask you to formally agree that you will not share the link or the content with anyone else.

We hope that you’ll have lots of questions about the exercises and challenges and will encourage you to share your questions, thoughts and experiences in the pop up LinkedIn group that will be set up for the duration of the Job Search Sprint.

If you have any questions about technology or process (non-delivery of the exercises for example) then we would ask you to contact us via direct message on LinkedIn.

The group is a confidential space for you as a group to get to know each other and share your experiences. 

Past groups have found the group support and encouragement as helpful as the formal input from us. 

You will become familiar and comfortable using all the functions in LinkedIn as well as getting into the habit of being on the platform regularly every day.

We (Paul and Moyra) will be in the group at set times each day to answer any questions you have, but we would also encourage you to help and seek help from your fellow participants.

We have allocated two x thirty-minute sessions for each person and have found that the best time to use these is either towards the end of the Job Search Sprint or the week after it finishes. 

In thirty minutes, we can review your CV and LI profile updates and you can get personalised feedback and coaching. 

So, you can use the sessions for two reviews or to ask questions about job search or networking strategy – or a combination of all of this. 

The key is to be focused and prepared as we cannot run over time! 

We will send you a Calendly link to book these Zoom video coaching calls once the Job Search Sprint has started. 

The sessions will be recorded so that you can re-watch them afterwards.

We take the holding and protection of your data really seriously.

One week after the sprint finishes, we will close the LI group. We allow a week as often participants want to keep communicating or following up with reading and using shared materials.

One month after the sprint finishes we will destroy any physical or digital copies of your CV and any other information you shared with us. We wait a month as frequently clients return for follow up work with us.

More information can be found in the Privacy Notice here.

The financial commitment is £495.00+VAT. 

The start date for the September Job Search Sprint is to be confirmed. 

The Job Search Sprint runs for three weeks from the start date.

There will be a maximum of 8 people in each group.



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