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Millennials say that the number 1 thing that would persuade them to stay in the job they’re in is high quality feedback. Yet most of them are not getting any kind of feedback AT ALL – no wonder they are the least engaged segment of the workforce!

So in this episode I’m not going to be mincing my words – I’m going to show you how to give fearless feedback without favour or fluff. This is a deeply practical episode with a structure for giving feedback that you can implement TODAY.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The difference between praise, criticism and feedback (2.08)
  • What happens when there is no feedback habit in your organisation (4.51)
  • The six hard truths about feedback (6.15)
  • What’s wrong with the “Hamburger Approach” to feedback (7.55)
  • What you can do if there isn’t a culture of feedback in your company (8.47)
  • Giving feedback using my CARE Feedback model (9.21)
  • Why feedback is so hard to receive (14.20)
  • Where and how to start using this feedback model (16.14)
  • Millennials want strengths-based feedback and this is why they’re on the right track (16.47)