Are you feeling

stressed and overwhelmed?

Do you feel as if you have so much on and you’re never on top of it all? 

You might feel exhausted from keeping all those plates spinning or you might feel so overwhelmed that you find yourself stuck – procrastinating or distracting yourself from what you think you “should” be doing.  You have to-do lists that you never get to the end of and a feeling that you are constantly firefighting.

What would it be like if you could take time out to step back, take a deep breath in and clear your head? 

Would you like to get perspective, peace of mind AND some practical advice to step away from all that stress?

For years I have been helping people just like you to clear their minds and open their hearts to the real choices they have.  I know that in just a few hours, in the right environment, with the right facilitation, magic happens.  At least that’s what my clients tell me.

What is a Campfire Conversation?

It’s a gathering for people-pleasers, procrastinators and serial over-thinkers; a facilitated quality conversation around a campfire. You will go away less-stressed, inspired to make changes, and feel better connected. What’s more, you’ll leave truly committed to taking action on things you’ve been putting off or avoiding.

Come and join me for four magical hours round a crackling fire, connecting with other souls who feel the way you do and who want help with:

  • Wrestling with imposter syndrome
  • Pleasing others at the expense of your own priorities and wellbeing
  • Focusing on perfectionism instead of developing a growth mindset
  • Pushing others away through a belief that you should be able to handle all of this alone
  • Feeling unworthy – of being loved, of being recognised, of being successful
  • Speaking up in a way that doesn’t push others away, but strengthens your relationships
  • Putting your own oxygen mask first, before rushing to help others

This will be an intimate gathering with a maximum of 16 people

Where are Campfire Conversations held?

We have held Campfire Conversations in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. The spring series of Campfire Conversations are planned for Hertfordshire and Surrey.  Every Campfire Conversation is held in an area of outstanding natural beauty and will be by water or in a wooded glade.

What time is fire lighting time?

We gather an hour before sunset.  There is something quite magical about dusk – that hour before the sun sets that I believe helps people to relax, to savour the present and to let go of some of the stress and anxiety they bring with them. Sunset in the UK in late March and early April is 7.30pm, so we will begin around 6.30pm

What will happen on the day?

We’ll start with welcome drinks; tea, hot chocolate or mulled wine before leaving our mobile phones behind and sitting round the fire.  There will be facilitated conversations as a whole group, the opportunity to talk more deeply in pairs as well as time to get up and chat more freely. 

Will there be marshmallows?

Yes there will.  And other food – some of which you will be able to cook yourself over an open flame.  Please let us know if you have any allergies or any special requests and suggestions for food.

Can I invite a friend?

Yes you certainly can!  We offer special deals if you book two (or more) tickets.

What should I bring?

An open mind and an open heart!  We will provide journals and pens. Other than that, dress for the weather and the slightly unpredictable outdoors.

Can I take pictures?

In this always-on age, our phones are wonderful companions and hard task masters, so I am going to ask you to leave your phone safely away from the fire.  I am going to invite a professional photographer to take pictures from a discreet distance and these will be available for free after the event.  I would also like to use some of them for marketing purposes and will ask you if you are OK with that at the time of booking as well as when the photographs are available.

What happens if it rains?

This is always a possibility. We have lots of contingency plans in place depending on how much rain falls.  We will have a canopy in the tree tops high above the fire so that we can stay dry and we have a semi indoor location in the event of heavier downpours. We will make sure you are warm and dry and ask that you dress in layers and wear shoes suitable for (muddy) woodland paths.  We will provide blankets and rugs to keep you cosy, although the roaring fire is usually enough.

What time does it finish?

We say our goodbyes four hours after gathering.

Where do I sign up?

We will be launching our spring Campfire Conversations sales in mid-December, so sign up here to be the first to know.

What happens then?

My lovely assistant, Jayne, will be in touch with you and she will send you arrival and event information and be your point of contact for all things logistical.  She will also send you a pre-campfire questionnaire which will help you to reflect on what you want to get out of the gathering and help me to prepare to meet those needs.  Everything you tell me is confidential and everything that is said round the campfire stays round the campfire.

Join our wait list to hear about our 2020 dates and locations

Ticket prices include:

  • Pre-reflection questionnaire
  • Four hours of group coaching
  • Pre and Post-Campfire private support group
  •  Journal and journaling guide
  • Practical strategies to take away and implement
  • Campfire meal, mulled wine and hot chocolate
  • And lots of other surprises and treats