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I have known Moyra for many years and greatly respect the way she teases the best out of people; and her ideas and methods fascinate me.

I would not describe myself as a people person; I care about people but often don’t like them much! So a bunch of strangers was not a great ‘draw’ for me.

I went to Campfire Conversations because I was curious. I also love fire but I am not usually allowed to play near it.

Twenty minutes in and I got it. No small talk, a bunch of strangers in the outdoors, sitting around a campfire, this was not usual – but it was calm and comforting. I have no idea what my fellow campfire crew do for work, where they live or where they went on holiday last year. In fact I know nothing about them except how they feel and deal with stuff like fear and hope and other topics. The experience was fascinating.

So if you are skeptical, as I was, but like hot chocolate and fire, give it a go. At least you can get away from the normal grind and treat your brain some thinking time.


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