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Conflict is fantastic. Discuss

Conflict is fantastic. Discuss

Conflict.  What comes to mind when you read that word?  How do you feel about conflict?

Almost every team I’ve ever worked with comes to me asking for help with both uncovering unvoiced conflict and strategies for dealing more effectively with conflict when it arises.

The way we deal with conflict – ignoring it, running away from it, confronting it – is a reflection of our early programming.

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Moyra has worked with our organization to help us navigate a number of important change initiatives… consistently demonstrating an ability to help us see the gap between where we are and where we need to go… truly defining what it means to be a trusted advisor.

James Oates

Head of UBS Group Internal Audit,Group Managing Director, UBS







This is my favourite picture of me at work.  I love seeing every single one of those people, smiling, engaged, fully present.

What’s more, it’s taken in the middle of a challenging and competitive activity where everyone present has experienced unexpected loss and disappointment.

What you are looking at is resilience

Here’s what the CIPD has to say on the importance of resilience:

“A consistent theme among the range of definitions of resilience is a sense of adaptation, recovery and bounce back despite adversity or change”  

And what does this mean for organisations?