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Do you wish that your team could become more accountable, more creative, more trustworthy?  Do you wish that your team could produce high quality results in less time and with less drama or less reliance on you?

The answer lies in a simple, yet much neglected leadership habit:  the habit of high-quality one to one meetings that focus on developing a trustful relationship that nurtures the confidence, critical thinking, creativity and attention to detail that every manager wants.

Most one to ones are pretty poor quality – rushed affairs focusing on fire fighting and driven by a manager who wants results.  Instead, a real mindset shift is needed to slow down, offer the gift of attention and listening in order to get the results and relationship you really want.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why what millennials want matter for all of us [01.16]
  • How this episode brings together all the themes from previous episodes [04.59]
  • Why millennials expect more face to face time than previous generations [06.20]
  • Why one to ones are demonstrations of good leadership [09.26]
  • The factors that tell you how often you need to have one to ones [09.57]
  • The consequences of skipping one to ones (even when your staff are experienced) [12.10]
  • What skipping one to ones says about your leadership [13.31]
  • Things NOT to do if you want to be taken seriously [15.51]
  • Why you need to focus on feelings and not facts [17.19]
  • How much time you should be talking in this conversation [18.32]
  • What to do and say if you have never had a high quality one to one habit like this [19.20]
  • What one to ones are really about [20.02]
  • What to do if you think millennials are lazy or difficult to manage [22.47]
  • Why high trust teams always have quality one to ones [26.18]